About Peak

Peak Plumbing & Gas Services is a industry power house in plumbing company providing innovative client solutions to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

We offer a fresh perspective and approach to plumbing services. Our good reputation sustains our increasing presence in the industry, and we are committed to being one of South East Queensland’s premier plumbing service providers.

Quality & Performance

Our extensive industry experience and knowledge drive our team to deliver outstanding performance.

We leverage our extensive industry experience and knowledge to combat the most difficult tasks. We know poor quality increases costs and time delays. Our experienced team are always prepared to address issues before they become lengthy and costly delays.

We put our clients first to ensure their projects are the absolute positive experiences.

Our effective systems and processes serve as the backbone of our operations, ensuring efficiency and precision in every endeavour.

Our team takes pride in what we do.

In fostering seamless project completion, we prioritise collaboration with all stakeholders, reinforcing our dedication to delivering quality outcomes, on time.


Positive collaboration and team spirit and our member’s well-being are important to us.

Peak Civil ensures a collaborative approach that merges expertise, streamlined processes, and dependable partnerships. Depend on us to surpass expectations and elevate your project to new heights.

Safety & Compliance

We keep people safe on-site.

We ensure our team’s safety by complying with updated legislation in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. We continue to evaluate our team’s skill sets, knowledge and performance to ensure we continue to set new standards in our ever-changing work environments. A safe working environment protects not just our staff, but others as well. Our comprehensive Work, Health and Safety Policy ensures our jobs are completed to our high safety standards and on time.

On-site safety is our priority.

Returning home to the Sunshine Coast after travelling and working as a plumber overseas, Joel saw a need for high-quality plumbing services focused on customer happiness.

Thus, Peak Plumbing + Gas Services was born. 

With over 15 years in the plumbing industry, Joel leads our large team of passionate workers dedicated to building a loyal clientele and providing superior plumbing solutions. 

Our passion for the industry includes mentoring the next generation of civil tradespeople by sharing our industry knowledge and experience with our apprentices. This dedication streamlines our values and high-standard civil works approach within our company and enhances our impact on the industry we love.

In recent years, our good reputation has garnered a wide range of commercial, residential, civil, maintenance, excavation and backflow clients and projects.

We are humbled by our client’s continued faith in us and remain committed to upholding our high-quality plumbing services.

Get in touch today to experience the difference that great service will make to your next plumbing project!
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